Dr.Stanley G. Poulos and Dr. Hvistendahl
Dr.Stanley G. Poulos and Dr. Hvistendahl

As an aesthetic plastic surgeon with more than 25 years of experience, I know that healthy skin and a beautiful complexion is the foundation of any procedure for cosmetic enhancement. For many years I have had the pleasure of working with Carmen Melo, proprietor of Skin City salon in Petaluma. As a licensed esthetician with special expertise in cosmetic procedures, it has been my pleasure to work with her not only in regard to ancillary procedures such as Botox and filler injections but she is an expert in permanent micropigmentation for both esthetic and reconstructive procedures which she has provided for many of my patients. I think Carmen is without peer and it is my pleasure to work as a plastic surgery consultant to her practice and have her as a resource for mine. – Stanley G. Poulos, M.D.Plastic Surgery Specialists
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Dr. Khashayar Mohebali, MD

Dr.Khashayar Mohebali, MD
Cosmetic and Reconstructive Plastic SurgeryAs a plastic surgeon doing Breast Reconstruction (after mastectomy) it is important my patients get the best care and help in their total recovery.Carmen Melo, owner of Skin City Medi Spa, has performed services on my patients with medical micropigmentation of the areolas (pigmented area around the nipple). This highly specialized form of tattooing can recreate an aesthetically pleasing, finished-look to the breast.

Carmen does this work in her elegant, modern spa under the strict sanitation and sterilization guidelines followed by the CDC (Center for Disease Control). She is an experienced and caring practitioner.

The results of Carmen’s work are amazing. I highly recommend her.

Dr.Khashayar Mohebali, MD
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Dr. Steven Struck
Dr. Steven Struck

I have personally had the opportunity to observe the patients she has performed cosmetic, corrective and restorative work and the results are excellent. She is very skillful in permanent make-up such as brows, lip and eyeliner; as well as breast reconstructive and corrective tattooing. Her work is simply beautiful in terms of camouflage of scars. I have referred many patients to her; and most of the work was done right here in my office. She has even performed enhancements for my wife. I continue to refer my patients to Carmen and they have been very pleased with their results as I have. I recommend her services without hesitation.Steven K. Struck, M.D.
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon
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Deborah A. Tavis:
Cosmetic Surgery Resource Center.Upper eyeliner, lower eyeliner and arched brow done on this patient.

I have known Carmen both personally and professionally for 9 years. She is not only a true professional but a marvelous artisan. Carmen’s outstanding personal touch, expertise with permanent make-up and proper color matching makes her unique. Her professionalism and expertise far exceeds others I have met in the industry.
Carmen is not only an expert in permanent make-up, but also in the correction of permanent make-up. She also stays current in the advances of cosmetic tattooing for post surgical scars and breast reconstruction. Her clients love her work, and her attention to detail is far superior to other work I have seen in the past.
I too have personally had my eyeliner and brows done by Carmen. I can say it is one of the best things I’ve ever done. It saves a lot of time on a daily basis. I receive numerous compliments from friends and clients and without hesitation I refer them to Carmen.Deborah A. Tavis
Founder & Plastic Surgery Counselor
Cosmetic Surgery Resource Center
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Jacquelou  Client

Carmen is awesome. I love her and would absolutely recommend her to anyone. I usually just get my brows waxed and tinted although I have had a few facials etc.
On the website www.skincitybycarmen.com she says that one thing that separates her from other estheticians is her artistic ability to make your brows fabulous. I absolutely agree with this. I have been to a few others but no one can compare.
Carmen was all booked for 2 weeks. I definitely recommend scheduling each appointment. So you don’t have to wait too long to make another appointment. She does a lot of different stuff here and it is billed as a “Medi-Spa”. You can get permanent(tattooed)makeup or botox. I have been going here for about 6 years and don’t plan on going anywhere else as long as it is possible. I’m actually not even sure that is all that expensive these days but I feel it’s worth it.

Jacquelou W.
Petaluma, CA