Microblading 101

Microblading is a type of semi-permanent makeup or tattoo technique performed to improve the shape of your eyebrows. In this process, the pigment is spread into your skin with special tools in the form of tiny strokes to imitate natural hair strokes of eyebrows. With microblading brows, you have many brow shape options to choose from. It, by and large, depends on what you want to look like and what impressions you want to give off, either you want to look innocent or fierce or whatever you feel would suit you best.

before and after microbladed brows
before and after microbladed brows

Microblading is a term used meaning “Hair Strokes”. This method of permanent cosmetics is a more natural look that emulates your natural hair. This procedure will require more frequent touchups, about every 1 to 2 years depending on the thickness or thinness of one’s skin.

Ombré full fill in Brows, is a soft powder fill in the front part of the brows and a more solid powder fill in the rest of the brow. This process last longer and usually doesn’t fade as fast.

Brows are the best investment ever! This is why:

  1. Never sweat off while working out or on vacation in the heat by the pool!
  2. Saves lots of time on a daily basis trying to get them perfect!
  3. Brows Frame our face and if not filled in correctly, they will not enhance our beauty!!!

Permanent makeup is a fantastic solution if you are fed up of filling in your eyebrows or you are unable to maintain your makeup look for the whole day. Your natural eyebrows are not harmed during this process in any way. Your natural eyebrow hair is kept intact in order to add to the aesthetics of your microblading brows. As this tattooing technique lasts for over a year, you have to be sure that you really want to commit to an eyebrow shape. This process also works for all skin types so; you don’t have to worry about your skin being too oily or too dry.

There are various microblading options available, depending on your needs and budget. Usually, microblading rates range from $350 to $1500 and above. It is highly recommended that you do proper research before going anywhere so that you can save your time and money. Skin City by Carmen is one of the best options if you want to go for microblading brows. So, the next time you are thinking of getting your permanent makeup done, don’t forget to pay them a visit.