PMU Brow Tattooing and the Process/Maintenance Of Having Them Done!

Most everyone needs a second touchup.

Tattooing bleeds and has to go through a healing process where the area oozes like a normal wound trying to heal.
This is why you have to keep ointment on daily for a week or two to keep the area moist so as not to scab as much.

Some people bleed more than others which makes it harder to retain all the pigment.


Aging thinner skin is even harder to hold pigment along with many other factors.

The cost covers 2 separate apps to add in areas that may lose any pigment from 1st appointment.

Most people need to maintain on yearly basis and get discounted price some people can go longer every 3-5 years which is then not discounted.
A person with Thicker skin non-bleeder holds pigment longer!


Environmental Sun, chlorine swimming, topical exfoliating skin care like
Hydroquinone skin lightener, Retinol, salicylic, benzyl peroxide, etc. also enlightens and eats at PMU pigment.

The cells in our facial skin are more abundant than the rest of our body and attack pigment.

Hope this explains the maintenance of PMU procedures.


Is we save a lot of “time” on daily basis not having to apply and getting our Brows even!

No “Smearing” off in hot weather, working out, or swimming while vacationing!