Rebekka Ramirez

Rebekka Ramirez was born & raised in beautiful Northern California, in a small town called Crescent City. After working her adult life in a corporate world, she decided to pursue her dreams & become a medical aestheticians & is currently pursing Permanent Cosmetics. Rebekka was trained by a lifelong skin enthusiast, Carmen Morgan who has dedicated 25 + years to the art of skin perfection & medical cosmetics.

Rebekka knows that great skin rarely achieved with a “one size fits all” viewpoint. Rebekka’s targeted unique approach to problem skin gives her the chance to really change patient’s lives. Giving someone the confidence that comes with healthy clear skin is something that Rebekka is deeply passionate about. Rebekka also works with clients who are suffering from much more serious skin problems including severe acne, trauma or helping patients after they have had plastic surgery.

“My passion is skincare… I love helping others to achieve healthy beautiful skin and to teach them how to nurture it!” is a quote she lives by immensely.