Eyebrow Procedures

Brow shaping is my specialty. I’m able to achieve a natural filled-in brow. This is called Hair Strokes which looks like your own hair; a more natural look. Any woman who uses an eyebrow pencil will love having permanent makeup. It will look better than her own makeup, but it won’t have to be applied every day. If her brows are sparse or nonexistent, permanent makeup can save her 20-30 minutes every morning.

Eyebrow Procedures
Ombré Brows
Pricing Varies depending on what ine needs done. "Natural browse versus bold thicker brows." Ombré full fill in Brows, is a soft powder fill in the front part of the brows and a more solid powder fill in the rest of the brow. This process lasts longer and usually doesn’t fade as fast.
Full Eyebrow Shape
Depends on touchups with one’s retention of pigment. 1 – 4 appointments in the course of a year. If you have thin skin you may need more touchups with the year. Thick skin may require fewer touchup appointments. If you are more prone to bleeding you may also require additional sessions. All of these factors determine the price of the procedure.
Natural Eyebrow Tattoo
All brow service price by consultation.
Natural Eyebrow Tattoo Ombré Fill - With Hair Strokes
Hair Stroke Technique – Full Eyebrow
Covers 4 appointments 2 months apart
Hair Stroke Technique – No Hair Present
Price by consultation
Eyebrow Tattoo Healing Process

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