Lip Extension & Liner

Lip Extension: The variety of colors available enable the asymmetry of the lips to be corrected, add definition and fullness, and still look natural. First application then a few more to follow. Beginning with upper lip liner adding more on vermilion border for more fullness and definition.
Permanent lipliner: The line can be applied lightly for a natural look or more heavily for a more dramatic look depending on your wishes.
Full Lip Color: Three applications of color applied five weeks apart included in price. The color chosen can be anywhere from a slight lip tint to a deep rich color.

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Lip Procedures
Full Lip Extension
Full Lip Extension with Fade In
This procedure can take 2-3 appointments at this price.
Full Lip Extension & Liner
Smudged or Straight Line Tattoo (Same appointment)
Lip Liner
No Extension
Full Lip Color
1050 - 2000
Depending on fullness of lips.
Natural Lip Tint, Blush Fill In
Beauty Mark
starting from 100

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